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For this shoot we created one color scheme and concept, and styled it two different ways!

Why did we want to showcase two different styles and demonstrate how to achieve them? Simply because we find the most difficult part of planning a wedding for brides is staying cohesive in their styling so that every element compliments the other. We wanted to break the styling down and make the differences more obvious by keeping colors and the floral topper the same. While the colors are the same, the color proportion is not. Color proportion is a key element in the overall style impression of an event.

Our florals were the same throughout – thus showing you don’t have to have “modern flowers” or “traditional flowers” to create your look. We also used a unique color combination of poppy red, coral, and blush to showcase how you can use vibrant and interesting colors without going overboard or looking too contrasting. We used Chiavaris in both scenes, however we used gold in the Traditional scene, and clear/crystal for the Modern. This chair silhouette can go with everything! It’s a very popular wedding chair. We don’t believe “Modern” has to mean stark or neon or chevron, we wanted to show that modern can be done romantically. Our view is that what is modern and what is now, is using different inspirations from different eras and putting them together in a smart way.

Thanks to Jordan Brittley for the lovely photos!

Beautiful coral blush peach bridesmaid bouquet

The Modern design:

Unique centerpiece on custom stand on blush table linen and clear chiavari chairs

The red “leather” riser on the modern table was made by us, starting from bare wood planks. The box was assembled, then covered in vegan pleather, trimmed, and the nailhead trim was applied in a fun geometric pattern to one side. We didn’t DIY the modern placemats, but we created the idea of placemats out of using craft store glitter paper, something we think is pretty fun. The hats were made by the florist but could be done by any crafty bride with the motivation!

Unique coral centerpiece on in red with silver nailhead trim in a pattern

Unique centerpiece stand in red with silver nailhead trim

Unique centerpiece on custom stand in shades of coral

Tiffany behind the scenes, styling a bridesmaid with a unique fresh-flower hat!

Styling a photo shoot bridesmaid with flower hat

She also had a fresh flower bracelet and ring, connected by rhinestones.

Red dress bridesmaid with flower bracelet and flower ring

Red dress bridesmaid with flower bracelet and flower ring smiling

Bride with bridal hat and bridesmaids wearing red

Bridesmaids in red dresses and braided updo and flower hat

red dress bridesmaid holding wedding favor acrylic box

Menu wrapped around napkin red and coral peach red glitter   Acrylic box wedding favor bonbons red peach coral

Table setting peach coral red glitter placemat menu wrap

smiling bride with red lipstick holding wedding hat with flowers

red dress bridesmaids with bride and coral red centerpiece and flower hat

Happy bride and groom bride wedding hat peach groom coat

Peach groom coat jacket coral boutonniere patterned tie

Painted red petal wine glasses glitter placemat peach tablecloth linen

The Traditional Design:

Coral peach table with coral flowers centerpiece and tall candles with red chair fabric chiavaris  Bride in princess gown and groom standing by coral peach table with red chiffon fabric chairs and coral centerpiece

Our traditional side was designed to showcase the same exact color palette, utilized in a more traditional-wedding way while still looking unique and stunning. The same floral topper from the modern centerpiece is utilized, placed directly onto the table and surrounded with romantic rose petals and tall ivory taper candles (be sure to ask your venue about their policy on open flames!). Two table runners are used on this table, laid parallel to one another, which is a more current take on the commonly-seen single runner, or crossed runners, which we thought was fun to showcase on a traditional-style design. The chairs are Chiavari, decorated with bright poppy red chiffon, while the opposite side of the table has vintage seating – a coral loveseat.  Menus, favor tags, and table numbers utilize a script font with a monogram, and menus are placed inside the napkin and topped with a rose. Instead of placemats like on the Modern table, we used beautiful blush chargers with a romantic floral shape.

Mixed flower centerpiece in blush and coral colors surrounded by taper candles

Blush table with red chiffon Chiavari chairs

Blush charger with blush napkin and wedding menu on a blush light pink table

Coral peach table number

Gold Chiavari chairs were used in this design, and we cut strips of red chiffon fabric and wove them through the slats to create a formal yet fun look.

Gold chiavari chair with red chiffon woven fabric

The bridesmaids wore matching coral pleated dresses and carried bright poppy red parasols as their accessory. The bride wore a stunning blush pink ballgown with a heavily embellished and crystal encrusted bodice. This strapless ballgown silhouette is more bridal-traditional, contrasting with her modern look which was simple and had slightly more casual with the satin straps. Along with her showstopping blush ballgown, the bride carried an ivory lace parasol, with fresh florals draping across one side! It was a gorgeous and unique look.

Bride in princess gown with groom under white lace parasol with flower drape

beaded bodice wedding gown bride with coral peach menu red Coral peach pleated bridesmaid dress holding macarons macaroons

Girl with red lipstick and red parasol in a coral dress bridesmaid

Bride standing in a window with a white lace parasol with flower drape

Bride and groom with bridesmaids and parsols

Bride in blush ballgown with her bridesmaids wearing coral and everyone carrying a parasol